Hyperactive and Difficult Dogs

Jay and Chris… the ULTIMATE team. They are dedicated to working with hyperactive breeds and difficult to manage pups. Chris has experience as a FIVE STAR dog walker for WAG! and taking care of Jay who is full of energy and has a seizure disorder. Chris’s main focus is addressing the individualized needs of each pup he works with.

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Initial Consultation
$40 30-min Session
– Owner required to attend

Interactions may include one, some, or all of the following services: dog walking, dog running, drop-in visits, meal time prep and service, playtime, companionship, kennel cleaning, bathing, or other agreed upon services.

$40 30-min Interaction
+$20 per additional dog
+$30 holiday premium

$80 60-min Interaction
+$40 per additional dog
+$60 holiday premium

Monthly Packages
Monthly packages include three (3) interactions per week. Session dates and times are subject to availability. Monthly packages do not pay additional premiums for holidays. Not all holidays are available for services.

$450 30-min Interactions
+$225 per additional dog

$900 60-min Interactions
+$450 per additional dog

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When you need more than a simple walk or other businesses are unwilling to work with your pup, we are here to help.

Hyperactive and difficult dogs!

I focus on hyperactive and difficult to work with pups. My services come at a premium because I cater to a specific group of hyperactive and difficult to manage dogs. I take extreme care to provide all needs of the pup and properly document each interaction. I love to have fun and tell stories of our adventures in each report following our interaction. If you are looking for a simple walk for a low-energy, easy going dog, I may not be the caretaker for you. If you have had difficulties with receiving services for your pup in the past, I am your guy.

I provide fast-paced and high mileage runs for hyperactive breeds such as Huskies, Border Collies, German Shepards, Australian Shepards, Cattle Dogs, and more. I start with medium-paced and shorter runs and monitor the progress of your pup as we extend the duration or distance of our runs. I also monitor for signs of fatigue, pain, and dehydration to make sure your pup is safe at all times. I use a waist leash to make sure I have full control of leash reactive dogs while running in public.

I also work well with difficult to manage pups. This can be leash reactive, bladder control, whining, barking, growling, signs of aggression, disobedience, and more. I work on simple commands to redirect your pup and establish positive behaviors during our interactions. Many difficult to handle breeds just need to expend energy to calm down. For those that require more, I establish trust over periods of time to make sure each pup can receive the care they need.

Adventures with Your Pup

Each interaction is an adventure into the great outdoors of San Diego. I focus on exploring all the different areas around your home as I walk/run your pup. I start my first sessions with medium-paced walks/runs circling your home to establish the physical limits of your pup. As I build a rapport and learn your dogs skills, we slowly work up to longer and farther runs. During and after runs I love to play with your pup. I love tug-a-war, wrestling, catch, racing, and more. With capable dogs, I love to do “obstacle course racing”. This is where we find different “obstacles” such as jumping over logs or running in the sand. This give a variety of experiences over the course of all my sessions. Variety is the spice of life and our pups deserve the best.

Pup Safety

The most important information to know is what the owner expects of the walker/sitter. This includes any special requests, preferences, or medical necessities. Each dog is different and I am dedicated to providing the individualized service each dog requires. I provide detailed notes after each session about what we did, the status of your pup, and things to consider for our next session. It is important that a rapport be built with the owner as most dogs I work with require special attention.

Hours of Operation

Wednesday – Friday
6am – 8am
6pm – 9pm

Saturday – Sunday
6am – 3pm

Select Holidays
6am – 3pm


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Wow. Best report and walk ever. Chris incorporated some much needed training tidbits into Murphy’s time with him. Plus a run up the hill! Really made the most of a thirty min walk!!

Danielle B.